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A day in the life of a social media butterfly


Filed Under , on November 11th, 2014

“Activate your fans, don’t just collect them like baseball cards.” – Jay Baer, Marketing consultant, speaker, and the author of the New York Times bestselling book, Youtility.

At the core, that’s what I do as a social media specialist, I manage, activate and engage online communities. That might sound simple, but there’s so much more to making social media work for YOU. Managing social media and developing strategies isn’t as easy as it sounds. That being said, I want to walk you through a typical day for me to show you that managing social media platforms is more than just “playing” around on Facebook and Twitter all day.

Mo’s typical day as a social media specialist. Here we go.

6:40AM: Alarm goes off, and I hurry to hit snooze. Those precious 9 minutes make all the difference. I’ll continue to hit snooze until 7:00 a.m.

7:00AM: Time to get up, for real, but before I do, I grab my phone and browse for any social media alerts, emails or, important notifications. If nothing needs immediate attention, I finally drag myself out of bed and get ready for the day.

8:15AM: When I arrive at Nerdwerx, I quickly make my way to my workspace, log onto my computer, and get to work.

8:30AM: Before I can really settle in, I realize that I’m a zombie in the morning and I must grab a cup of coffee to help jump start my day.

8:35AM: With my delicious Keurig coffee at my side, I can now dive into my tasks at hand. The first hour or so I’ll spend addressing any interactions that have occurred overnight. This involves checking my clients social media platforms as well as Nerdwerx’s accounts. If any engagement has occurred over night, I will respond to all comments and questions on every platform. To help manage all my accounts, I use sproutsocial which helps organize my content calendar as well as managing my statistics and engagement.

9:35AM: After I catch up on my morning businesses, I begin to plan out my client’s social content calendar across all platforms. While I use SproutSocial to manage my statistical data, I prefer to post in real-time so I can supervise real-time reactions and respond accordingly. Customer service questions should be answered within 24 hours but I prefer to be quick to the draw. Your audience will know you’re presence and it will build a strong community around one’s brand.

11:00AM: Coffee refill! I will also catch up on my blogs and websites I follow in search of relevant or interesting content to share. I also like to keep up on daily tech and social media news.

1:00-5:00PM: Depending on the day, my afternoon can change but here are some duties you can typically catch me doing. Reading, reading, and more reading. I read and conduct research extensively on behalf of my clients as well as Nerdwerx. News travels fast these days, so I have to keep tabs on current trend and topics on a daily basis. I also research, write content for blogs, curate content, and manage online communities. Social Media is an ever evolving platform and there is no one way method to do it. You have to constantly be on your toes to keep up with latest techniques. That’s why I love social media. Social media is ever-changing and I must keep learning to stay on the cutting edge of the social media world. While I understand the fundamentals of what makes great online interaction, you can never predict how your audience will react, which is one of the most exciting aspects of my job!

I also tend to check our Twitter accounts frequently. Since it’s a real-time, fast-moving platform, Twitter tends to a very active social network; so, it’s important I keep my eye on it and engage followers daily. I also like to utilize Twitter search function to seek out potential customers that might be tweeting about a need for my clients product or services. I seek out valuable conversations, use the opportunity to engage followers in real-time conversations. I don’t advertise at them, I only converse and engage in a very real way. When the time comes for a need for my clients product, they just may think of them first.

When it comes to sharing information, there is a little more that goes into it than posting a status update. Content marketing isn’t just about making an actual post that is published, it’s about curating the message. I take time to craft and present the right message to post across all platforms. I prefer to post manual updates so I know exactly when a post or tweet goes out and I can handle any reaction or engagement from fans. Pre-set posts cause a problem, because if you’re away from the computer at the time, you could find your update hijacked by more negative comments than you were expecting and you’ve already missed the window of time to nip it in the bud. If you publish in real-time, you can best manage the outcome from your audience. That being said, I can’t always post manually, but you should do so whenever possible. At the end of the day, I devote the time needed to make successful social media campaigns and engage audiences.

Of course, I could go on but the bottom line is that social media specialists provide much more to their clients than posting status updates. We research, curate content, monitor trends, cultivate, interact and manage online communities, which all helps promote and build brands.

Looking to make social media work for you? Give us a call, we’re happy to chat!

Mo Carter

About The Author

Mo Carter has been riding the social media roller coaster since 2005. As the social media specialist at Nerdwerx, she is responsible for managing social media campaigns and blogging her little heart out. The St. Louis native turned Quad Cities staple graduated from St. Ambrose in 2006 with degrees in Communication and Journalism. Mo is also a singer, acoustic guitarist, and ukulele player extraordinaire who performs around town. When Mo isn't busy making music or status updates, her time is consumed with live music concerts, hanging with her man, and kickin' with her small army of amazing friends for a night out on the town.


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