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What We Do

Responsive web
design & development
+ mobile apps.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Whether you need search engine listings, pay-per-click (PPC) campaign management or some other form of search engine marketing, Nerdwerx can be of service. Nerdwerx can manage your PPC campaign, create dynamic SEM plans and improve your overall web presence.

Analytics – Are you aware of exactly how users happen upon your website? Nerdwerx does, and we can help you attract more users (for a fee of course). Knowing exactly what search engines are driving what traffic to your site is a major asset in your search engine marketing campaign. Nerdwerx can provide tracking, consultation and data research to improve your web traffic.

Blogging – While a blog is a simple tool, it is incredibly effective in the proper hands. A blog can improve the ranking of your website, be used to interact with current and potential clients and also be used as an online PR tool. If created and managed properly, a blog can help you manage your overall online messaging.

Content and Copywriting – While the overall content on your website is important, it’s also vital to have a professional who can write keyword heavy content that also makes sense to the user. Countless spamming techniques utilized by international companies and content writing software have been discovered by search engines and downgraded. Now more than ever, you need quality content on your site.

SEO Keywords – You need a website that uses keywords, key terms and key phrases to help drive search engine traffic to your website(s). This requires research, skill and experience, all of which Nerdwerx can offer.

Link Building – An important part of your search engine marketing campaign is building links on websites you don’t own. This means building relationships with other websites, joining directories, and having an Internet Agency who can come up with creative and unique ways to get your links out there.

Online PR – With the impending demise of traditional print media, the Internet has become a vital source of public relations for most users. This means that controlling your message online will only increase in importance. Nerdwerx can help you get the message out, get positive links and inform the public of your operations on a regular basis.

Online Reputation Management – Controlling your message includes knowing about, and possibly addressing, negative feedback. Blogs, message boards, “your” web domains and other outlets don’t have to ruin your online image. Nerdwerx can help you manage the message your company puts out, and minimize any negative feedback.