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What We Do

Responsive web
design & development
+ mobile apps.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Google  and Bing have created more headaches for business owners than practically all other areas of Internet marketing combined. With search engine algorithms changing on an almost daily basis, only a highly skilled New Media agency can properly optimize your website. At Nerdwerx, we employ copywriters, website programmers and online marketers who possess insider knowledge and a successful track record of getting clients premier search engine rankings.

Improving Traffic Quality and Quantity

At Nerdwerx, we can improve the quantity as well as the quality of your web traffic. Rather than simply designing a static website with generic content, we invest both the time and energy necessary create a truly dynamic website that will attract potential clients/customers.

Nerdwerx abides by the concept that the quality of your web traffic is just as important (if not more so) than the quantity of web traffic your website generates. This means that rather than just throwing up content without much thought, we research key terms and phrases focused at your target audience.

Coding Websites for Search Engine Optimization?

Few people understand that SEO has as much to do with a website’s coding as it does with its content. Nerdwerx integrates your website design and programming with its content, assuring you get the highest ranking possible on various websites, without ruining your brand. Our expert team understands the different research protocols for various search engines, maximizing your ranking with each. If you are interested in improving your SEO and getting the best results possible for your web presence, contact the highly skilled team at Nerdwerx.